Corruption at RTO across India

RTO – Regional transport office, all of us Indians know this Government organization. Be it Congress Rule or BJP – RTO is never going to improve. Its strange, shocking and frustrating that for smallest work we have no option but to approach agent at RTO.

We are so coward that we would never learn to protest and ask for our right. Why we have to pay extra charges to agent.

There are number of examples of corruption by RTO and its staff. Even after computerization, one has to be at the mercy of staff for getting work done. A friend’s son got Driving license in 2005. In 2006 he changed house. 2008 he went abroad for study and his driving license was lost. In 2011 while his visit to India he tried to get Duplicate License – shockingly RTO has no record, hence duplicate license could not be issued.

2016 he again came to India – one dynamic RTO agent and a staff of RTO could accept challenge to get the work done – how …. they know themselves.

Friend’s son got license at the expense of Rs.4000/-

He is short of time and does not want to complaint otherwise it could be trouble.

Dear BJP MLA, Ministers, MP and Ministers – could you please look into this and solve it ? I request reader of this blog to highlight at least one or two incidents where they / their friends and relative came across RTO and its corrupted practices.

Will we get justice ?

NO FOR SURE. long live corruption.

IF anti corruption bureau raids RTO and its staff, it can unearth billions of rupees as black money.