You might find this write up boring, but please read it.


Plastic bags especially low of microns have been a curse and its big pollution. I am not repeating its consequences.

Small and big Municipal Corporations in our country have banned them but it’s just on paper.


We as responsible citizen of India should: –


  • 1) Keep a long lasting and permanent jute, cotton bag with us that can carry at least one or two kilos of weight.
  • 2) We care for environment but when there is hurry while shopping small things like vegetable, fruit etc we compromise our environment policy. We ourselves ask for a carry bag and mostly the vendor would be pleased to offer it. This is great damage we ourselves cause to environment.
  • 3) We should try to note down instances, how many times, we forget carry bag from home and then asked for a worst quality plastic bag from vendor.
  • 4) I request some designers to come out with trendy and nice looking latest carry bag design which everyone would love to carry and keep with them. Generally our homes might have old-fashioned “thaili” or bag, which might be preventing us to carry.
  • 5) We buy goods and merchandise worth 100s and 1000s rupees but now a day it’s a practice by merchant establishments, malls not to offer carry bag or to offer a plastic bag with charge. It’s a pity that they are earning profits but reluctant to bear cost of bag.
  • 6) Big malls, stores can afford to manufacture long lasting carry bag made from jute, cotton or any other environment friendly material.
  • 7) Big Corporate are allowed to spend money on CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBIITY. Can any one not suggest the concerned head or decision maker to spend partial money on CSR to distribute trendy, nice looking and environment friendly carry bags?
  • 8) Please suggest more ideas.
  • 9) In new calender year, most companies bring out diary, keychain, calender, desktop show pieces etc. Why not bring out nice, long lasting carry bags !

I went to Patanjali store yesterday, purchased goods worth Rs.270 but was denied a carry bag. Patanjali can surely afford to take initiative and come out with a long lasting bag. This could be big contribution to environment.


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